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Cirrus is pivotally positioned to serve the world market.

The team is composed of people who have considerable experience in the safety market, who understand it and care about it. The delicate balance between production engineering and
marketing is mirrored in the enduring quality of the final product.

Forging is the ancient art of forming metal. Each product must be individually handled and tested, but our modern state of the art production systems sympathetically replicate consistent examples, very important where rapid interchange ability is necessary.

Marketing. Quality products need bold affirmative avenues of supply. Stock supply is a major priority. 6pm coupons Clear marketing from product to destination and supported by certification is obligatory in a market
where trace ability is demanded by similar quality minded corporations.

Adapters and Adjusters.

Rings (O-Rings, D-Rings & V-Rings).


Rope Snap / Snap / Hook Snap.

Adapters and Adjusters Rings (O-Rings, D-Rings & V-Rings) Links Rope Snap / Snap / Hook Snap